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About is the leading AI Powered HR Data Platform. brings intelligence to HR data and gives HR Tech Developers and HR Operation Architects the power to build an infinite number of scenarios to meet their most sophisticated business logic. It comes with a complete and a fully integrated suite of HR data processing products:

  • Parsing API: Extract structured data from resumes, CVs, profiles, jobs, hr documents across all media formats -- such as PDF, DOCX, IMAGES, and more.
  • Revealing API: Predict hard skills, soft skills, and skills level of expertise.
  • Embedding API: An HR Data vectorizer to build highly accurate machine learning HR models with just small data.
  • Searching API: Retrieve hyper-relevant Profiles & Jobs with blazingly fast neural search API tailor-made for the HR field.
  • Scoring API: Reveal hidden gems and identify overlooked opportunities with the state-of-the-art recommendation engine for profile and job matching.
  • Reasoning API: Uncover the evidence behind every matching or recommendation with the first explanatory HR matching technology

About the Marketplace Connectors

We released the Marketplace in September 2020 to allow seamless HR data collection and integration.

The Marketplace has three types of connectors: Marketplace Marketplace

Source Connectors Catalog

Simplify profiles, resumes, and CV data collection across different channel categories.

Board Connectors Catalog

Aggregate job offers data from different collections and databases.

Destination Connectors Catalog

Push profiles and jobs data into systems of record.

Connectors Ecosystem

HR Tools Ecosystem
HR Tools Ecosystem
Connector Description Source Board Destination
HCM Human Capital Management
HRIS Human Resources
Information Systems
ATS Applicant Tracking System
HR Tech Human Resources Technology
HR CRM Customer Relationship Management
used for HR
HR ERP Enterprise Resource
Planning used for HR
Databases Electronic and Cloud
data storage
Mailbox Gmail, Office, Imap,
SMTP, Redirection
Cloud Apps Online Hosted Applications
Local Apps Locally Hosted
Applications or Servers
BI Platforms Analytics,
Business Intelligence Dashboards
Marketing tools Email and SMS
Push Notification Tools
Productivity Project Management and
Time Management Tools

About the Connectors Builder

Building a connector can take as little as a single day, some in few hours.
Be part of the HR Flow.
Be part of the HR Flow.

The easiest and fastest way to build a connector is using the Workflow feature provided by which allows running HR data-related pipelines and logic without worrying about either deployment or servers.

The youtube tutorial below will take you through the steps to set up your first Workflow from your account. You can signup for free to get started.

HR Architect - Lecture 2 - How to create a simple CATCH Workflow? - by Mohamed BENQASSMI
Introducing Workflows
The new Workflows feature allows you to run your HR-related pipelines without ever worrying about servers. Whether you need to continuously run some routines or have a triggered execution both scenarios are possible with Workflows.
Releases Notes
🤖 Workflows | Guide
Build custom HR data processes with your own business logic.

To develop your Connector (Source, Board, or Destination), you can choose from two building experiences to find the way that best suits your use case:

  • PULL Workflow: works like a CronJob executing a python3.6 function given a clock or a time rate. It is suitable if you need to pull the data regularly from:
    a) from your App into with an HTTP GET request – Example: Sources and Boards
    b) from into your APP with an HTTP POST/PUT/PATCH/DELETE request – Example: Destinations.
  • CATCH Workflow: intercepts an HTTP POST request, then executes a python3.6 function that decodes the Body and runs a pipeline of instructions. The Catch workflow is suitable if you need to send data in real-time:
    a) from your App into with an HTT POST request – Example: Sources and Boards
    b) from to your App after creating an Webhook Event – Example: Destinations.

On the 15th of February 2021, we have launched an open-source directory called "hrflow-connectors" that allows you to:

  1. Benchmark examples of connectors implementations.
  2. Build your connector following best practices of the community.
  3. Validate and publish your connector.
🚀 Open source python library of HR data Connectors. - Riminder/hrflow-connectors
hrflow-connectors open-source repository
To become a Partner please visit

Tutorial #1: Building a Source Connector

Workflow Tutorial: Twilio →
Workflow Tutorial: Twilio →


  1. Create an account on
  2. Go to Home > Marketplace > Workflows, then create a "Catch" Workflow.
  3. Sign up to Twilio and get a phone number.
  4. Register your workflow_url as Webhook attached to your Twilio phone. number to route all incoming messages to
  5. Implement a workflow function according to your business logic.
Example of Workflow CATCH url

Workflow Code function

Twilio x : Workflow Function
Twilio x : Workflow Function
hrflow-connectors/ at e8cffdb5ed824828e9eeb534cddadf1ef1485b68 · Riminder/hrflow-connectors
🚀 Open source python repository of HR data Connectors. - hrflow-connectors/ at e8cffdb5ed824828e9eeb534cddadf1ef1485b68 · Riminder/hrflow-connectors
Full code in

Advanced: End-to-End Candidate Chatbot
Demo of an advanced SMS based Job discovery chatbot

Tutorial #2: Building a Board Connector

Workflow Tutorial: Craigslist →
Workflow Tutorial: Craigslist →


  1. Create an account on
  2. Go to Home > Marketplace > Boards, then create a "python" Board.
  3. Go to Home > Marketplace > Workflows, then create a "Pull" Workflow.
  4. Pick-up a Craigslist category that you would like to export.
Example of Craigslit category url

Workflow Code function

Craigslist x : Workflow Function
Craigslist x : Workflow Function

Tutorial #3: Building a Destination Connector

Workflow Tutorial: Mailchimp →
Workflow Tutorial: Mailchimp →


  1. Create an account on
  2. Go to Home > Marketplace > Sources, then create a Source of your choice. Finally, add a set of profiles.
  3. Go to Home > Marketplace > Boards, then create a "python" board containing a set of jobs.
  4. Go to Home > Marketplace > Workflows, then create a "PULL" Workflow that will send a curated list of job offers to each profile weekly.

Workflow Code function

Mailchimp x : Workflow Function
Mailchimp x : Workflow Function
Advanced: Building a weekly jobs newsletter personalized per candidate
– Powered by Parsing API + Searching API + Scoring API

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