Setting up smart integrations between candidates/employees engagement interfaces and HRIS is critical to the HR operations of every organization. Marketplace & ISV Partnership Ecosystem Marketplace & ISV Partnership Ecosystem

That's why 2 months ago, we have announced the Marketplace bringing out-of-the-box integrations to bridge the gap between :
- Sources:
- Destinations:

Today we're proud to announce #Workflows, a new feature (brought by our amazing Head of Engineering Jamal Gourinda) that allows every organization to build custom process automation for HR data and implement their unique business logic.

There are 2 types of #Workflows:
- CATCH: intercepts a Webhook, then runs a sequence of instructions
- PULL: a cron job that runs a sequence of instructions regularly

Example of a simple CATCH Workflows
Example of a simple CATCH Workflows

The runtime of the workflows' function is python3.6.

A variety of general utilities are already available in workflows - such as:
- Requests (Connector) :
- Selenium (Scrapping) :
- Twilio (Notifications) :
- Hrflow (Machine Learning) :
- Scipy (Machine Learning) :
- NumPy (Machine Learning) :

Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial: HR Architect - Lecture 2 - How to create a simple CATCH Workflow? - by Mohamed BENQASSMI

Developers Documentation

Create, Configure a Webhook | Guide
Webhook Connectors Tutorial: from Webhook creation to start sending Events.