Our monthly letter of all the latest HrFlow.ai product announcements.

We've spent the last summer shipping all the features that we have developed over the past few months to nail every single aspect of the product.
New HrFlow.ai Website
New HrFlow.ai Website

In a nutshell this letter is covering topics on:

  1. Our new Platform, Website, and Branding
  2. How we're getting more API-centric
  3. How we're expanding the playground and allowing building new use-cases
  4. How we're enhancing the ML-first approach for HR data challenges
  5. Our New Marketplace for integrations

#1 New Platform, Website, and Branding

Riminder.net is becoming HrFlow.ai, a name that truly expresses our value and raison d'être.

HrFlow.ai stands for how we're helping our customers streamline their HR data workflows with AI.

#2 Getting more API-centric

To give you full control and flexibility in designing your HR data journeys,  we broke down our original API into 5 separate AI Layers.

HrFlow.ai AI Layers
HrFlow.ai AI Layers

Each layer represents a processing unit of one fully integrated suite:

  • Parsing API: Automatically turn your HR documents into structured data
  • Revealing API: Autocomplete soft-skills and missing hard-skill for a given «Profile» or a «Job».
  • Searching API: The first semantic (neural) search engine that really understands HR data.
  • Scoring API: The Netflix recommendation engine to uncover relevant «Profiles» or «Jobs».
  • Reasoning API: Highlight the evidence behind matching or a recommendation from both the «Profile» and «Job» perspectives.
Read the API docs

#3 Extending Playground

New HrFlow.ai Plans

After announcing the «Profile API» and «Job API» 2 years ago, we're very glad today to announce the «Document API». It allows you to apply HrFlow AI layers to any type of HR documents.

#4 Enhancing the ML-first approach

Over the last year, we have been very pleased to see ramping up the number of Data Scientists working on HR data challenges. We see this as a unique opportunity to create a community that shares common goals and concerns.
On our side, we're happy to announce the Embedding API to contribute to this community and lift the load on research teams. Data scientists can leverage this feature to focus on building fast highly accurate models with just a few data samples, instead of spending hours on modeling, features engineering, and preprocessing,

HrFlow.ai Embedding API applied to a job dataset
HrFlow.ai Embedding API applied to a job dataset
HrFlow.ai | Candidate Data Infrastructure (CDI)
AI powered Infrastructure to help you to centralize, score and control your talent pools.
Learn more about Embedding

#5 New Marketplace

We have launched a new marketplace of connectors:

  • Sources: integrations catalog for profiles collections and databases
  • Boards: integrations catalog for jobs collections and databases
  • Destinations: catalog of systems of records and target tools
New HrFlow.ai Marketplace
New HrFlow.ai Marketplace
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