Since the start of the year, the HrTech industry has been experiencing significant capital inflow, and May was no exception. The vibrant sector continues to captivate investors and pave the way for groundbreaking advancements.

In this article, we'll highlight thirteen startups that have secured an impressive $310 million in funding, marking a significant milestone in their journey toward growth and expansion.

We'll also introduce the visionary investors who have recognized the potential in this industry and have provided unwavering support. Thanks to their contributions, the future of HrTech is looking promising.

HrTech Fundraising - May 2023
HrTech Fundraising - May 2023

Amino is a data-driven healthcare guidance platform that assists companies and their employees in navigating healthcare decisions effectively.

  • Funding Amount: $ 80M
  • Funding round: Venture - Series Unknown
  • Lead Investors: Oxford Finance and Transformation Capital

Simpplr is an employee experience platform fueled by AI that delivers tailor-made experiences that inspire and foster employee engagement.

  • Funding Amount: US$ 70M
  • Funding round: Series D
  • Lead Investors: Sapphire Ventures.

Instawork is a mobile app that caters to gig workers and hospitality businesses, offering on-demand staffing solutions.

  • Funding Amount: $60M
  • Funding round: Series D
  • Lead Investors: TCV

Hackajob's purpose is to connect exceptional individuals with exceptional organizations, facilitating their collective efforts in advancing the world.

  • Funding Amount: $ 25M
  • Funding round: Series B
  • Lead Investors: Volition Capital.

Kindbody offers modern, tech-enabled clinics that provide fertility and wellness services for employers.

  • Funding Amount: $ 25M
  • Funding round: Venture - Series Unknown
  • Lead Investors: Morgan Health is a student recruitment platform that enables recruiters, institutions, and service providers to locate and transact easily.

  • Funding Amount: $22M
  • Funding round: Series B
  • Lead Investors: OIF

‌StreetFair is an online service that connects home-service providers with neighborhoods.

  • Amount: $ 6.8M
  • Funding round: Venture - Series Unknown
  • Lead Investors: Craft Ventures

InSpring is a talent mobility platform that connects international students to high-demand jobs.

  • Funding Amount: $ 6M
  • Funding round: Seed
  • Lead Investors: -

Bossjob is a recruitment platform for mid to senior-level professionals to be hired or headhunted in Southeast Asia.

  • Funding Amount: $ 5M
  • Funding round: Venture - Series Unknown
  • Lead Investors: - is an employment agency that provides recruitment and consulting services using digital tools for the construction industry.

  • Funding Amount: $ 5M
  • Funding round: Seed
  • Lead Investors: Purple, Market One Capital, and Kima Ventures.

Springpod is a technology platform that assists young individuals in exploring their future career paths through attraction, engagement, and recruitment for early careers.

  • Funding Amount: $ 3M
  • Funding round: Series A
  • Lead Investors: Edge VC

Pluria assists businesses in providing their remote teams with flexible workspace accessibility.

  • Funding Amount: $2M
  • Funding round: Seed
  • Lead Investors: Eleven Ventures, Croton Capital, WIT Angels Club, and Phoenix Investment Club.

LokiBots provides cloud-native conversational automation and an RPA platform with advanced AI capabilities.

  • Amount: $ 50K
  • Funding round: Pre-Seed
  • Lead Investors: -

Here’s a list of some lead investors in the HrTech sector 👇

  • Sapphire Ventures: is a capital firm that partners with creative teams and venture funds to build companies.
  • Tola Capital: is a venture capital firm that invests globally in early-stage enterprise software companies.
  • Techstars: a global platform that provides investment and innovation.
  • Volition Capital: a growth equity firm that principally invests in high-potential, founder-owned companies across different technology.
  • Eleven Ventures: supports early-stage tech companies from Southeast Europe in the Future of Work and more.
  • Croton Capital: is an international business angel syndicate that invests in early-stage businesses.
  • Kima Ventures: promotes the growth of startups.
  • Thomas Golisano: entrepreneur, philanthropist, and civic leader
  • WIT Angels Club: empowers women to participate in the technology revolution through investment.
  • Phoenix Investment Club: is an investment firm that offers venture capital funding for tech start-ups.
  • Morgan Health: is the healthcare investment arm of JPMorgan Chase.
  • TCV: provides investment capital to growth-stage private and public companies in the technology industry.
  • Oxford Finance: delivers flexible financial solutions to healthcare and life sciences companies worldwide.
  • Transformation Capital: is a growth equity fund focused on innovative healthcare IT and services companies.
  • Edge VC: Passionate Investors in Creativity.

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