Endless application forms are the nightmare of every job seeker, and we all have been through this.

The internet has made it easier for people to look for jobs and companies as they would for any other important purchasing decision.

And like any other customers, they expect immediacy, customization, and a smooth user experience. Something companies often tend to overlook, although it is key for the success of their hiring process.


Why does good UX matters? Numbers speak for themselves.

1) You only have a small window to capture them ⏱️

73% of your prospective candidates spend on average less than 30 seconds on your career website, while only 3% complete an application.

2) Your careers pages are far from being the most visited 👨‍💻

60% of candidates go up to the career webpage, while 42% stop at your landing page. The “About us” page comes 2nd in the list of most the viewed pages by candidates: candidates want to learn about your company before applying.

3) Your candidate experience matters

69% of candidates wouldn’t accept a job in a company for which they have a bad perception, even if they were unemployed.

Statistics - Number of potential candidates x Time needed to fill an online application
How it looks like in most companies today

Who are the valuable talents? Let’s unveil some false dogma that has been peddled as wisdom in HR for too long.

The candidates' distribution breakdown comes as follows:

> The Millennials 👩‍🎓
They are very sensitive to the user experience. Being born with a smartphone in their hand and fed with the UX of Silicon Valley big companies, they have a high level of expectation and demand the same experience from a careers website.
95% of Millennials candidates will spend less than 1 minute and 30 seconds on a career website.
> The Seniors 👨
They are not willing to apply to job offers because they are skeptical about the attention that will be given to their application. Most of them rather rely on their networks to land their dream job, unless it costs them nothing to apply.
98% of Seniors do not believe in job offers to find a new job.
> Talents in general 🤓
In the battle for top talent, traditional thinking often holds that putting more spokes in candidates’ wheels would attract only the most determined ones. The truth is that, the more qualified prospective candidates are, the laziest they feel to apply on your website. In fact, best talents are chased all day long by headhunters and do not feel the need to embark on a painful application process. Their tolerance for going through dozens of steps is much lower than what most companies think.
Putting more barriers in your application process favors ending up with the most actively looking job seekers, not necessarily the most qualified ones.
Statistics - Prospective candidates distribution breakdown
Prospective candidates distribution breakdown

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Statistics - Prospective candidates captured by Riminder
Prospective candidates captured by Riminder

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