Riminder has been growing substantially on the engineering, product, and business sides for the last couple of months.

As we grow, our team grows with us and we look for new opportunities to expand our reach.

After opening our headquarters office in Paris and then opening our first international branch in San Francisco (USA), we are excited to announce that we recently opened a second branch in Casablanca (Morocco) for our new HQ in Africa. This branch will be led by Mohamed Benqassmi.

For the last years, Morocco has proved itself as one of the most vibrant tech hubs in Africa, and it has shown to be a promising land for startups looking to grow fast and amplify their impact.

The team is currently in the midst of a big hiring sprint, so if anyone of you is passionate about HR and fairness in AI this would be a wonderful time to get in touch: https://riminder.net/careers.

Riminder is an API-first company and the leading AI-powered HR data automation platform.

The company helps +1000 customers (HR software vendors, Staffing agencies, large employers, and headhunting firms) to thrive in a high-volume and high-frequency labor market.

The platform provides a complete and fully integrated suite of HR data processing products based on the analysis of hundreds of millions of career paths worldwide -- such as Parsing API, Revealing API, Embedding API, Searching API, Scoring API, and Upskilling API. It also offers a catalog of +200 connectors to build custom scenarios that can automate any business logic.