With the rise of remote work and the ongoing importance of effective HR management, HrTech remains a critical sector.

This April, the HrTech industry continued its trend of successful fundraising with a flurry of activity among startups and established companies. The past month saw several HrTech companies secure significant amounts of investment from various leading investors.

In this article, we'll delve into the most notable HrTech startups and companies that raised funds during the month of April, as well as highlight some of the top investors that contributed to the industry's growth.

Graphic Startups Fundraising in April 2023
Startups Fundraising - April 2023

Rippling offers an all-in-one platform to help companies manage their employees’ payroll, benefits, expenses, devices, apps & more.

  • Funding Amount: US$ 500M
  • Funding round: Series E
  • Lead Investors: Greenoaks

A cloud-based platform for providing employee benefits. The platform allows employees to get reimbursement into a bank account, card, or digital wallet instantly.

  • Amount: $ 28M
  • Funding round: Series B
  • Lead Investors: Anthemis Group

An HR solution that automates essential operations across the employee lifecycle.

  • Funding Amount: $10.7M
  • Funding round: Series B
  • Lead Investors: Cercano Management.

An employee engagement and performance management platform for the modern workforce.

  • Funding Amount: $10M
  • Funding round: Series A
  • Lead Investors: Tom Golisano

Rise is a solution that helps businesses to onboard, pay and manage independent contractors globally & compliantly.

  • Funding Amount: $3.8M
  • Funding round: Seed
  • Lead Investors: Polymorphic Capital and Sino Global Capital

Engin Sciences is an AI-Driven HR software designed for hiring, recruitment marketing, and more.

  • Funding Amount: $2.5M
  • Funding round: Seed
  • Lead Investors: Gotham Green Partners.

Spayr is a payroll tool that offers to pay employee salaries.

  • Funding Amount: $2.5M
  • Funding round: Seed
  • Lead Investors: Blast.club

Belfry is an integrated software platform for managing security guard services businesses.

  • Funding Amount: $2.1M
  • Funding round: Series Unknown
  • Lead Investors: Venture - Series Unknown

The startup helps its clients to identify and measure the skills of candidates in every phase of the talent lifecycle, from hiring to developing new skills.

  • Funding Amount: $1.4M
  • Funding round: Seed
  • Lead Investors: Playfair Capital.

Empowill is a Software company that digitizes HR interviews, impact measurement, skills, and training management services.

  • Funding Amount: $1.1M
  • Funding round: Seed
  • Lead Investors: Venture - Series Unknown

Skills-based hiring platform using the new tech through the Smart CV.

  • Funding Amount: $1.1M
  • Funding round: Angel investment
  • Lead Investors: Angel investors

A platform that matches workers and employers to meet and work together easily.

  • Funding Amount: €300K
  • Funding round: Seed
  • Lead Investors: Venture - Series Unknown

Here’s a list of some lead investors in the HrTech sector 👇

  • Y Combinator: startup accelerator that invests in a wide range of startups.
  • Cercano Management: a venture capital firm based in Washington, invests in companies operating in category-leading technology, internet, and life sciences companies.
  • Playfair: a generalist VC fund with a contrarian approach to pre-seed technology investing.
  • Kickstart Ventures: provides funding, and facilities for start-ups.
  • Greenoaks: it’s a global internet investment firm that operates in the commercial services, health tech, and B2B sectors.
  • Anthemis Group: a global platform that cultivates change in the financial system by investing in, growing, and sustaining businesses.
  • Kima Ventures: promotes the growth of startups.
  • Thomas Golisano: entrepreneur, philanthropist, and civic leader
  • Polymorphic Capital: focus their investments on growth-stage technology and software companies.
  • Balderton Capital: A venture capital firm that invests globally in teams creating the future of the internet with decentralized protocols.
  • Sino Global Capital: international crypto-native venture firm.
  • Blast.club: an early-stage startup that allows investing in an exclusive selection of startups.

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