As summer Fridays kick off, the fundraising scene is heating up too. In June, 14 HrTech startups raised $127.3 million, across various funding stages, from Pre-Seed to Series C.

These startups share a common trait: they challenge traditional HR processes with tech solutions. From AI-powered recruiting platforms to advanced workforce engagement tools, setting new standards for modern workplaces.

With 8 investors’ support, these startups are rewriting the rules with smart, scalable approaches.

Want to know who’s making waves this month? Read on.

HrTech Fundraising of the Month - June 2024

TechWolf is a Belgian AI startup that assesses employee skills based on digital interactions and eliminates manual skills evaluation.

  • Funding Amount: $42.75M
  • Funding round: Series B
  • Lead Investors: Felix Capital

Ashby is an AI-powered all-in-one recruiting platform that runs the recruiting process across candidate CRM, ATS, and scheduling automation and workflows.

  • Funding Amount: $30M
  • Funding round: Series C
  • Lead Investors: Lachy Groom

Tektonic AI is an AI voice assistant to automate employees’ tasks and operations. AI agents help eliminate manual work and avoid inaccurate data that slow down workflows.

  • Funding Amount: $ 10M
  • Funding round: Series A
  • Lead Investors: Point72 Ventures and Madrona Ventures

Carv is an AI-powered platform that helps to offload admin tasks from recruiters and automate them, this way recruiters can focus on the candidates’ interactions.

  • Funding Amount: $10M (€9.18M)
  • Funding round: Series A
  • Lead Investors: Global Founders Capital (GFC)

Stitch PEO is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that offers comprehensive HR solutions for SMEs.

  • Funding Amount: $ 8.75M
  • Funding round: Seed
  • Lead Investors: —

Shyftplan, located in Berlin, Germany, provides AI-supported shift-planning and workforce management solutions.

  • Funding Amount: $ 8.6M
  • Funding round: Serie A
  • Lead Investors: —

Rising Team, based in the United States, offers a platform to increase employee engagement and scale talent development.

  • Funding Amount: $ 8M
  • Funding round: Series A
  • Lead Investors: Zeal Capital Partners

Hoop is a remote-based AI task management platform that creates to-do lists from Slack, Google Meet, and emails.

  • Funding Amount: $ 5M
  • Funding round: Seed
  • Lead Investors:

Zaddons, a Canadian company, specializes in HRIS extensions, offering employee Self-Service, Bidding Solutions, and Scheduling tools.

  • Funding Amount: $ 3.5M
  • Funding round: Series A
  • Lead Investors: Credit Mutuel Equity

Crafthunt, located in Munich, Germany, is a career platform tailored for the construction industry .

  • Funding Amount: $ 3.3M
  • Funding round: Seed
  • Lead Investors:

WorkL, located in London, England, focuses on workforce engagement with personalized resources, career development, and networking tools.

  • Funding Amount: $ 2.5M
  • Funding round: Series A
  • Lead Investors: Lord Mark Price

Niya, located in London, England, is a career platform dedicated to underrepresented workforces .

  • Funding Amount: $ 2M
  • Funding round: Pre-Seed
  • Lead Investors: Various

Realm, based in Helsinki, Finland, provides a search engine and knowledge-sharing platform for workplaces.

  • Funding Amount: $ 1.9M (€1.7M)
  • Funding round: Seed
  • Lead Investors: Lifeline Ventures

Zoios is a people analytics solution tailored to provide data about employees’ well-being and performance.

  • Funding Amount: $ 1M
  • Funding round: Seed
  • Lead Investors: Lifeline Ventures

Here’s a list of some lead investors in the HrTech sector 👇

  • Felix Capital: A venture capital firm focusing on digital lifestyle and consumer brands investments, known for backing companies at early and growth stages.
  • Global Founders Capital (GFC): A venture capital fund that invests globally in early-stage technology companies, founded by the Samwer brothers of Rocket Internet fame.
  • Point72 Ventures: A ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm focusing on fintech, AI, and enterprise technologies.
  • Madrona Ventures: A venture is known for investing in Pacific Northwest-based technology startups.
  • Zeal Capital Partners: A venture capital firm investing in early-stage technology companies, focusing on scalable business models and disruptive innovations.
  • Credit Mutuel Equity: A private equity arm of Credit Mutuel Group, investing in a wide range of sectors including technology, healthcare, and consumer goods across Europe.
  • Index Ventures: A global venture capital firm investing in technology-driven companies across Europe, the US, and Israel, focusing on both early-stage and growth-stage investments.
  • Lifeline Ventures: A venture capital firm based in Helsinki, investing in early-stage technology startups with a focus on consumer internet, software, and mobile sectors.

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