Last week in London, received the Outstanding Defence Technology Company Award at the Disruptive Technology for Defence Innovation Conference 2022.

The main themes of this year, in the context of high international tensions given the war in Ukraine, were:

  • Harnessing data
  • The battle for talent

This event gathered over 300 participants, including senior commanders and high-ranking officers from the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and other NATO states.

Second Permanent Secretary UK Ministry of Defence Laurence Lee delivered the opening keynote at Disruptive Technology for Defence Transformation 2022

We are thrilled to be chosen among 700 companies by a selection committee of international experts in the field of defence. has been selected based on its ability to answer the following strategic questions:

  • How can the military best exploit untapped talent pools?
  • How can Armed Forces employ new ways to attract and upskill talent to transform digitally?
  • What new approaches can be used to retain digital natives?
  • How can the military re-think personnel strategies?
Air Vice-Marshall David Arthurton on putting technology at the forefront of strategy

The global challenges of military talent and workforce data are two-fold:

  • Military data is highly heterogeneous: in addition to CVs and career path data, we must handle category data (such as military rank, serving force, weapon, rating, personality, and soft skills), as well as comments or mission reports.
  • Military data is also spread among multiple tools: Armies increasingly resemble technology firms, and as a result, they deploy numerous software applications that generate a significant amount of data. Consequently, there is a considerable challenge in adapting and personalizing AI so that the Army obtains meaningful outcomes.
Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Critical Technologies at United States Department of Defense, Maynard Holliday has adapted its scoring algorithm GemNet2 to meet this challenge, achieving an unprecedented accuracy of 97% in forecasting officers' career paths within the Army.

In addition, GemNet2 made it feasible to describe which attributes were responsible for the promotion and the areas of development in an officer.

This award crowns the success of this collaboration with the Army.