We are thrilled to announce that the HrFlow.ai Parsing v.4.0 is finally out! This release includes new features and improvements that our team has been working on over the last 18 months.” said Thomas ZHU, CTO of HrFlow.ai
HrFlow.ai Parsing API v.4.0 announcement

The Parsing API allows HrTech, Staffing & Recruiting firms, and large Employers to automatically turn raw HR documents into structured data – such as resumes, job descriptions, interview notes, employee reviews, more generally, HR documents, and texts. By combining cutting-edge Deep Computer Vision and Deep Natural Language Processing, Parsing v.4.0 brings Talent & Workforce data structuring to a whole new level through effective resume parsing.

🦄 For HrTech

With HrFlow.ai, HrTech can build AI-powered products rapidly.
Developers can rely on a robust and straightforward API to create the experiences at the core of their companies' software.

Structuring Talent Data is the cornerstone of building any HR Software. Structured talent data is crucial at each step of the user journey to:

  • Shorten candidates' & recruiters' forms → to avoid manual data entry
  • Improve data records → to power Display, Search, Matching, and Scoring
  • Save the end-user time → to deliver a better user experience

The Parsing API provided by HrFlow.ai is fully-hosted, up and running in minutes.

Resume Parsing | HrFlow.ai Guides
Parse resumes and CVs across all shapes and formats with a few lines of code.
Text Parsing | HrFlow.ai Guides
Parse any text or document with a few lines of code.
Job Parsing | HrFlow.ai Guides
Parse job descriptions and vacancies with a few lines of code.

👷‍♀️👷 For Staffing & Recruiting Firms

With HrFlow.ai, Staffing & Recruiting firms can grow their revenue and increase their margins. In addition, marketing & digital departments can leverage a versatile automation solution to enable personalized, consistent, and real-time experiences for candidates, recruiters, and customers.

Having clean, structured, normalized, and up-to-date Talent Data is business-critical for Staffing & Recruiting firms.

Talent Data System of Intelligence
Talent Data System of Intelligence

A single view of candidates and real-time audiences is key to:

  • Reduce the candidates' acquisition cost (CAC) → to improve multichannel candidates' conversion rate
  • Eliminate millions of manual tasks → to free up recruiters for human elements
  • Increase the candidates' lifetime value (CLTV) → to activate candidate data when needed

The Parsing API provided by hrFlow.ai is the starting point for any highly personalized candidate experience or automated business workflow.

👩‍💼👨‍💼 For Large Employers

With HrFlow.ai, Large Employers can activate their workforce data and govern their growing HrTech Stack. As a result, talent & HRIS departments can deliver personalized, relevant, and agile experiences for employees, candidates, and managers.

Tackling Workforce Data decentralization implied by the inescapable "HrTech proliferation" is imperative.

HrFlow.ai: The ultimate Workforce Data Pipeline
The ultimate Workforce Data Pipeline

A single view of Workforce Data and an integrated HrTech ecosystem are inevitable to:

The Parsing API provided by HrFlow.ai is the cornerstone to making Workforce Data a competitive advantage for any large organization.

The HrFlow.ai Parsing v.4.0 solves your problems with the other providers.

Picture of HrFlow.ai launch at TechCrunch, New York, 2017
HrFlow.ai launch at TechCrunch, New York, 2017

Three years after its launch in 2017, HrFlow.ai quickly became the technological leader for AI solutions applied to Talent & Workforce data. Our goal has always been to solve unemployment one API at a time with a technology built for the 21st century. Consequently, our platform provides the most complete and fully integrated suite for HR applied AI modules – such as Parsing API, Revealing API, Tagging API, Embedding API, Searching API, Scoring API, and Upskilling API. We also offer a catalog of 200+ connectors to create custom scenarios that can automate any business logic.

Since 2019, every time a prospect puts our technology head to head with a competitor (mainly Sovren-1996, Textkernel-2001, Daxtra-2002), we win. Before HrFlow.ai, those three historical players dominated the HR Parsing (in particular) market for almost 20 years, using technologies mainly based on static taxonomy and statistical approaches. However, HrFlow.ai was the first company to introduce cutting-edge Deep Computer Vision and Deep Natural Language Processing algorithms to elevate the state-of-the-art and tackle the most complex Talent & Workforce Data.

✨ What's new ?

Screenshot explaining why Manpower Group, Crit, and Gojob switched from traditional players to HrFlow.ai
Quick look: Why Manpower Group, Crit, and Gojob switched from traditional players to HrFlow.ai

All our updates are backward compatible. Hence, they are no API migration that needs to be taken, except for the company logo detection feature.

🛠️ Improvements:

  • Complex layout parsing for all our 11 certified languages
  • Profile picture detection: small size image
  • Gender detection: taking into account the writing style in addition to the profile picture
  • Section classification: 97% accuracy (vs 92% in V3.0)
  • Special char polices management
  • Location detection
  • Scan orientation detection

🚀 New features:

  • Company logo detection
  • URLs detection
  • Phone number detection with E.164 standard (e.g. 06100000 + France ➜ +336100000)

🤗 Live Demos

Resume parsing | HrFlow.ai Innovation Lab
Extract data from a profile, a resume or a CV across all media formats — such as names, emails, phones, locations, companies, schools, degrees, titles, tasks, skills, etc
Text parsing | HrFlow.ai Innovation Lab
Extract semantic entities from an unstructured job offer — such as companies, locations, tasks, skills, interests, durations, dates and more.