In the dynamic HrTech industry, fundraising is vital for innovation and growth. Companies strive to optimize HR processes, making this sector attractive to investors seeking tangible returns through automation, data analytics, and employee engagement tools.

October marked a significant juncture as fourteen promising HrTech startups secured a remarkable $331 million in funding. This financial influx has opened up new horizons for these startups, allowing them to expand their operations and explore fresh development avenues.

Investors' forward thinking and support for these startups exemplify their recognition of the sector's immense potential, driving HrTech toward a promising future and numerous growth opportunities.

Employment Hero is a cloud-based HR platform tailored for small and medium-sized businesses, offering a streamlined solution for managing essential HR processes and employee information.

  • Funding Amount: $ 169M
  • Funding round: Series F
  • Lead Investors: TCV

Harri is a cloud-based talent and workforce management platform catering to the hospitality industry. It offers solutions for talent attraction, workforce management, employee engagement, and compliance to enhance businesses in this sector.

  • Funding Amount: $ 43M
  • Funding round: Series B
  • Lead Investors: Atalaya Capital

Jisr is a human resource management company providing HR solutions, time and attendance tracking, reporting, benefits administration, and payroll services.

  • Funding Amount: $ 30M
  • Funding round: Series A
  • Lead Investors: Merak Capital

Onsurity is an employee healthcare platform that offers monthly healthcare memberships with group health insurance to businesses.

  • Funding Amount: $ 24M
  • Funding round: Series B
  • Lead Investors: International Finance Corporation

Offers an integrated suite of tools designed for HR and people teams. Created to enhance the workplace culture through programs like rewards, recognition, employee resource groups, wellbeing, fitness, reimbursements, and event scheduling

  • Funding Amount: $ 23M
  • Funding round: Series A
  • Lead Investors: Clear Ventures

Moonhub is a solution that aims to create economic opportunities for people worldwide. Their primary endeavor involves the development and launch of the world's first AI Recruiter, dedicated to sourcing and hiring the best-fit candidates for every job position.

  • Funding Amount: $ 10M
  • Funding round: Seed
  • Lead Investors: Google Ventures, Khosla Ventures

The Martec's AI-driven platform for employee-generated content empowers employer branding teams worldwide to generate written and video content tailored to various stages of the talent journey.

  • Funding Amount: $ 8M
  • Funding round: Venture - Series Unknown
  • Lead Investors: AS1 Growth Partners

Empion transforms mass recruiting through individuality, leveraging AI to automate headhunting by matching values, skills, and personalities.

  • Funding Amount: $ 6M
  • Funding round: Seed
  • Lead Investors: Cavalry Ventures

Shakers enable companies to collaborate with complete freelancer teams by providing access to specialists in software, marketing, and design.

  • Funding Amount: $ 6M
  • Funding round: Seed
  • Lead Investors: Adevinta Ventures, Athos Capital, Brighteye Ventures

Kota streamlines global financial benefits management for companies, offering real-time access to health, retirement, and life insurance providers through a single platform.

  • Funding Amount: $ 5M
  • Funding round: Seed
  • Lead Investors: EQT Ventures

HiringBranch specializes in human resources and offers an AI-powered solution for assessing soft skills and language proficiency in the hiring process.

  • Funding Amount: $ 2.5M
  • Funding round: Debt Financing
  • Lead Investors: BDC Capital's Growth & Transition Capital

50inTech is a fast-track app for women in tech, promoting gender equality through data-driven collaboration, and career acceleration.

  • Funding Amount: $ 1.6M
  • Funding round: Seed
  • Lead Investors: INCO Ventures

Outstaffer is a global employment and remote work technology company. It simplifies the process for companies to find, hire, pay, and equip remote employees from around the world in compliance with regulations.

  • Funding Amount: $ 1.5M
  • Funding round: Seed
  • Lead Investors: -

Workfully is a human resources agency that offers pricing solutions for employment, recruitment, and upskilling services to both candidates and companies.

  • Funding Amount: $ 1.3M
  • Funding round: Seed
  • Lead Investors: Indico Capital Partners

Here’s a list of some lead investors in the HrTech sector 👇

  • TCV: TCV provides investment capital to growth-stage private and public companies in the technology industry.
  • Indico Capital Partners: leading independent Venture Capital firm in Portugal investing in global technology companies.
  • Merak Capital: Technology investment institution licensed by the Capital Market Authority of Saudi Arabia.
  • Atalaya Capital: an alternative investment firm that focuses on investing in credit opportunities.
  • INCO Ventures: an AMF-licensed fund manager, specializing in venture capital and pioneer in impact investing.
  • BDC Capital's Growth & Transition Capital: offers a full range of financing options such as mezzanine, cash flow, and quasi-equity financing.
  • International Finance Corporation: private equity and venture capital subsidiary focused on the private sector in developing countries.
  • Clear Ventures: Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm focusing on investing in startup companies.
  • Adevinta Ventures: the VC arm of leading online marketplace player Adevinta.

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