Le CV en anglais a une structure particuliaire par rapport au CV français avec une présentation différente et de nouvelles rubriques. Vous trouverez ci-dessous les différentes étapes à ne pas oublier lors de la rédaction de votre CV en anglais.

1. Personal Details

This part is most commonly on the left-hand side of the page.
Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy),
University address,
Mobile phone number,
Marital Status (single, married, with one child...)

2. Title

Put a brief sentence presenting your profile.</div>

3. Education

Academic record, academic qualification, education and qualifications,details of projects and key classes.

4. Professional Experience

Work experience, internships, experience in business, and professional achievement.</div>

5. Foreign languages

Beginner, basic German;
Currently studying some Italian ;
Good, semi-fluent Spanish ;
Moderately , fluent, working à knowledge, intermediate French ;
Fluent, good command of English;
Mother tongue, native speaker,bilingual ...

6. Personal interests and activities

Other interests, additional information, extracurricular activities, hobbies (loisirs) and sports (specify any award or record you got if you practiced at a competitive level), community involvement (vie associative).

7. Patents, publications, society memberships
8. Awards & honors, references

1. Writing over one page
2. Making speeling misteaks
3. Making errors grammatic
4. Jumbling up page lay-out: donat forget to align, indent and highlight coherently
5. Writing your CV at the last minute so you don't have the time to proof read it
6. Giving the impression that this CV has been sent to 100 other companies as there is nothing that makes it specific and relevant for that company
7. Forgetting to make potentially interesting entries, or mentioning irrelevant ones
8. Using French words (formation, stage, association)
9. Having no action verbs
10. Writing a CV that says nothing about your profile, and why a company might want to spend time interviewing you rather than the other 39,001 candidates

11.Capital letters for : Months, Days, Languages, Subjects,
12.Nationalities, Countries, Honorary Titles, Titles of papers, memoires or thesis.


The grading equivalents in the UK for the French Baccalauréat :

  • Félicitations du jury : A+
  • Très Bien : A
  • Bien : B

The grading equivalents in the US for the French Baccalauréat :

  • Félicitations du jury : With Highest Distinction/Honors
  • Très Bien : With High Honors/Distinction
  • Bien : Honors

Equivalents of Classes Prépa :

  • Advanced post Baccalaureate courses in Math and Physics.
  • Intensive preparation in Math and Physics for the highly competitive entrance exams to the French Grandes Ecoles.
  • Highly competitive national entrance exams to the top/leading French Grandes Ecoles/business and engineering schools.
  • Intensive 2 year university level preparation in Math & Physics


  • One of France's top Grandes Ecoles
  • One of France's top engineering schools
  • One of France's leading engineering schools
  • A highly selective Master's level engineering school

In an American C.V. you do not mention your :

  • Nationality
  • Race>
  • Creed /religion
  • Sex
  • Age
Never put your photo in American or British C.V.s !