The first quarter of 2024 heralds a series of landmark HR Tech events across the globe, from Canada to Switzerland. These gatherings will serve as central hubs for HR professionals, tech enthusiasts, and industry leaders, providing invaluable opportunities to explore, collaborate, and showcase the latest innovations at the intersection of HR and technology.

Expected to be insightful, these events will showcase cutting-edge solutions and stimulate discussion on the future of work. From revolutionary technologies to strategic insights, they will serve as a guide for those seeking to navigate the ever-changing landscape of HR tech and keep abreast of the latest developments in the field.

Here's a selection of 10 significant HR events scheduled for March 2024:

  • Future Of Work Canada 2024
  • HR Vision
  • Transform 2024
  • HRcoreLAB 12th summit
  • Recruitment Agency Expo London
  • FUTURE OF HR 2024
  • Rethink HR Tech USA
  • The i4cp conference
  • HR FESTIVAL Europe
  • Salon Ressources Humaines
HrTech Events of the month - March 2024
HrTech Events of the month - March 2024

Salon Ressources Humaines

Considered as the premier professional exhibition in France dedicated to the HR function, Solutions Ressources Humaines brings together key players in the field of HR information management, training, Digital Learning, social protection, and human capital development.

Solutions Ressources Humaines continues its mission to help large companies and SMEs implement, develop, and optimize their HR and training strategies. This year, several themes will be addressed, including the HR skills to be strengthened in 2024 according to HR directors, the HR function as a new strategic partner in 2024, and insights on AI and HR. And of course, we won't miss it! See you there ;)

Salon Resources Humaines
Salon Resources Humaines

Keynote speakers:

  • Laura Garrot: Directrice Développement Durable, GROUPE SODIAAL
  • Charlotte Migne: VP Sustainable Development, GROUPE SUEZ
  • Martin Richer: Fondateur|Management et RSE, THINK TANK TERRA NOVA| SCIENCES PO
  • Patrick Storhaye: Président | Fondateur, FLEXITY | RH INFO
  • Victoria Thompson: Head of Internal Communications & Culture, GROUPE CLARINS

Future Of Work Canada 2024

The Future of Work Global Series is dedicated to exploring the forefront of the evolving work landscape, with a focus on HR transformation, employee engagement, digital workplace solutions, communication strategies, talent development, organizational culture, and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I).

This month, the event is heading to Canada, promising attendees a comprehensive experience over two impactful days, with a lineup of senior and distinguished speakers, guaranteeing valuable insights and expertise. Beyond exploration, the event offers a unique networking opportunity, connecting attendees with industry leaders, professionals, and peers.

Future Of Work Canada 2024
Future Of Work Canada 2024

Keynote speakers:

  • Robert Toohey: Chief Human Resources Officer, Allstate Corporation
  • Patrick Ens: President, Capital One Canada
  • Mona Mohamed Fekri: Chief Human Capital Officer, Dubai Cable Company - Ducab
  • Greg James: CEO North America, Havas Media Network
  • Marie-Louise Ek: VP HR MEA, Hilton
  • Janet Joubran: Chief People Officer, KFC Canada (Yum! Brands Subsidiary)
  • Liz Volk: Chief Human Resources Officer, Longo's
  • Nicole Turner: Senior Vice President - Technology Hubs, Mastercard
  • Nicole Neal: Head of Internal Communications, Zurich North America

HR Vision

HR Vision demonstrates that technology and people are interconnected facets of the same entity, uniting renowned HR leaders worldwide to delve into how the latest advancements in HR Tech can empower individuals and propel business growth.

The event provides three parallel streams customized to cater to attendees' diverse interests, whether they are seeking the latest HR analytics, best HR practices, or leadership insights. Participants will confidently discover and implement effective talent management strategies, utilizing the latest HR technologies, and engage in networking opportunities with industry leaders.

HR Vision
HR Vision

Keynote speakers:

  • David Doe: VP Talent Strategy & Excellence, Shell
  • Anna Mindelöf: Chief People Officer, Fiskars Group
  • Ashley Portlock: Vice President Human Resources, Allegion
  • Manoj Puthan: Head of Learning Services & Capability Enablement, Nokia
  • Rupert Brown: Former People Director, Virgin Media O2
  • Raymund Chua: Senior Director, HR, Asia & St Neots, UK, OSI Systems
  • Luke Boshoff: Head of Pre-Sales, Flip
  • Tiffany Thayer: Director of Sales Development, EMEA, Hibob

Transform 2024

Situated at the crossroads of technology and the individuals shaping the modern workplace, Transform convenes executives focused on people-centric strategies, entrepreneurs shaping the future of work, and investors in workforce technology. This event offers forward-thinking programming, curated networking opportunities, cutting-edge technology showcases, and vibrant after-hours networking sessions.

Spanning three days, the Transform conference features immersive learning sessions, interactive small group discussions, with a gathering of 300 speakers, and an eagerly anticipated after-party featuring a special musical performance!

Transform 2024
Transform 2024

Keynote speakers:

  • Chelsea Clinton: DPhil, MPH, Metrodora Ventures
  • Shannon Nash: CFO, Wing, an Alphabet Company
  • Kaitlin Christine Holly Maloney: Managing Director, General Catalyst
  • Sudhakar Ramakrishna: President, CEO, SolarWinds
  • Shari Eaton: Chief People Officer, Chobani
  • Sarah Franklin: CEO, Lattice
  • Nichelle Grant: Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Siemens USA
  • Amy Hayes: VP, People Development, Meta
  • Rilwan Meeran: Head of Impact Investing, American Student Assistance (ASA)
  • Becky McCullough: VP, Global Recruiting & Talent Development, HubSpot

HRcoreLAB 12th summit

The HRcoreLAB summit unites executives from around the world with a shared goal: to explore the current state of the people function and strategize on ways to enhance its role in driving future business success.

Comprising three conferences—Recruitment, People Analytics, and HR Agility—the event features top speakers from leading organizations who will share their expertise. Through case study presentations, live Q&A sessions, and interactive discussions, participants gain insights into the most effective global HR strategies.

HRcoreLAB 12th summit
HRcoreLAB 12th summit
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain.
  • Date and time: - March 13-14, 2024 / March 15, 2024, Virtually
  • Official website:

Keynote speakers:

  • Christoph Williams: Head of Talent and Leadership Development, Sony
  • Alvine TREMOULET: Global Diversity and Inclusion Lead, Pfizer
  • Matthias Kempf: Chief People Officer, Knauf Group
  • Philip Trumper: HR Director, Procter & Gamble
  • Rob Williams: Director, Talent Intelligence, Indeed
  • Imene Zidi: Talent Acquisition Sr Director Europe & Latin AmericaTalent Acquisition Sr Director Europe & Latin America, Ericsson
  • Meredith Wellard: VP Group Talent Acquisition, Learning and Growth, DHL Group
  • Antoinette Irvine: Chief HR Business Operations Officer, Unilever

Recruitment Agency Expo London

The Recruitment Agency Expo stands as a premier event in the UK's recruitment industry, serving as a trusted and established annual gathering for senior executives since 2012. Spanning two days, this event provides a unique platform for networking, discovering cutting-edge products and services, and staying abreast of industry developments through engaging speakers and suppliers.

Recruitment Agency Expo London
Recruitment Agency Expo London

Keynote speakers:

  • Alison Callwood: CEO of Sammi-Select.
  • Amy Weidner: Founder & Creator of Amy's Career Hub and AW Inclusive Hiring.
  • Andrew Sillitoe: Executive Coach & Business Psychologist.
  • Andy Dunne: Managing Director of TEAM.
  • Angela Cripps: MD/Owner of Recruiting Gym.
  • Ann Swain: Global CEO of APSCo.


The Future of HR 2024 Conference will delve into the latest trends shaping the HR industry, focusing on cutting-edge strategies. This one-day event explores the Future of Recruitment, Talent Management, Development, and Employee Experience, bringing together industry leaders, innovators, and HR professionals.

From featuring expert speakers and interactive sessions to gaining valuable insights, this conference promises fertile ground for networking, engaging in dynamic discussions, learning, and sharing best practices.


Keynote speakers:

  • Agu Remmelg: Founder & CEO,
  • Marit Alaväli: Founder and CEO, Recrur
  • Patrick De Pauw: Co-Founder & CEO, Social Seeder
  • Janis Kreilis: Co-founder, Hyperscan
  • Diana Blažaitienė: International HR and Remote Work Expert for Hospitality and IT sectors across Scandinavia and Germany
  • Vidmantas Šiugždinis: CEO & Co-Founder, MELP
  • Ruta Ratavičiūtė: Partner, People Link
  • Alexander Snurnitsyn: CEO, AGroup
  • Simona Bernatavičiūtė: Consultant, Figure Baltic Advisory
  • Aiste Kratavičiūtė-Ališauskienė: Co-Founder, Unlock Test

Rethink HR Tech USA

Rethink HR Tech is where forward-thinking pioneers are shaping the future of work and technology in the US, bringing together over 100 CHROs and HR decision-makers to explore the latest HR technologies, new work, people analytics, and recruitment tech.

This event is an opportunity to discover real-world best practices and innovative insights that are redefining HR and innovation, share experiences, and explore solutions for the HR digital transformation journey.

Rethink HR Tech USA
Rethink HR Tech USA

Keynote speakers:

  • Claudia Cornejo Varela: Head of Talent & Transformation America, NTT DATA (emeal)
  • Michael Moon: Director, People Intelligence, Viasat
  • Stephen Childs: CHRO/VP Human Resources, Panasonic Automotive
  • David Meza: Head of Analytics - OCHCO, Branch Chief - People Analytics, NASA
  • Allan Blanco: Global Director - HR Technology & Platforms, The Coca Cola Company
  • Kenneth White: Director of People Analytics, National Basketball Association (NBA)
  • Shobhit Chandra: Global HR Technology Portfolio and Delivery, Netflix
  • Tara Rase: Director, Organizational Learning, FordDirect

The i4cp conference

Each year, the i4cp conference attracts HR and talent leaders from many of the world's largest and most innovative companies, earning it a reputation as "the best conference of the year".

Recognized as one of the top HR conferences for senior executives, with over 500 HR leaders and decision-makers in attendance, the conference enables attendees to explore the next practices in human capital and gain insights into building an agile, innovative culture and creating the AI-enabled workforce of the future.

The i4cp conference
The i4cp conference
  • Location: Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S.
  • Date and time: March 25-28, 2024.
  • Official website:

Keynote speakers:

  • Dave Ulrich: Professor, University of Michigan
  • Diane Gherson: Former Chief HR Officer, IBM
  • Chris Fowler: Former CEO, United Airlines
  • Prasad Setty: Former VP, People Ops & Workspace, Google
  • Amy Coleman: Corporate VP, HR, Microsoft
  • Charlene Li: Best-selling Author


This edition, NEXTECH 2024, will explore the future of technology and its significant impact on human efficiency and decision-making. This year's theme, 'Road to Meta Smart', explores the transformative journey towards a world where meta and smart technologies converge to enhance capabilities and increase potential.

Meta Smart technologies will drive discussions in several areas, including the Innovation Market, Inclusion and Sustainability, Human Enablement, and Digital Leadership.


Keynote speakers:

  • Carlos Fontelas De Carvalho: General Manager, ADP.
  • Susanne Nickel: an expert on work and change, a lawyer and business mediator.
  • Simon Schnetzer: researcher, speaker and futurist
  • Thomas H. Zurbuchen: astrophysicist, leader and innovator.

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